Toni Bartl Showconcept - Recycling Music Show

Recycled Instruments Show

Exciting stage show incorporates a menagerie of home made instruments
Can play a wide repertoire of songs from the past 300 years!
Show can be presented in German, English or Italian
Perfect for green & sustainable events, public events & more
Based in Bavaria & available to perform at events worldwide

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This exciting and unique stage show based in Bavaria incorporates a menagerie of home made instruments some familiar and some completely original.

Inspired by two of the world’s overarching problems: financial crisis and the desperate need to protect the environment, this stage show stems from one resourceful professors scientific paper “Scrap to Music”. Detailing how a musician could quickly solve these two problems in one by creating musical instruments out of scrap.

To demonstrate this strange but not impossible theory, the professor invites his two students to join him on stage, one of whom has lost his place in a band due to the destruction of his instruments and the other a former car mechanic turned musician. Under the carefully skilled leadership of their professor they recycle scrap into musical instruments with items as diverse as pipes and tap spouts!

Their home made instruments make a fantastic sounds, breathing new life and depth into a repertoire of songs that spans across the last 300 years!

Combining comedy with a serious message, this fun and exciting show is unlike anything that you will have ever seen before! Perfect for green and sustainable themed events, as well as much more, the show can be presented to international audiences in German, English or Italian.