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Revue Show

Electrifying, vintage burlesque dance and cabaret show
The dancers allure the audience into a world of glamour and charm
Sexy razzle-dazzle costumes and high-energy performances
Popular as after dinner corporate entertainment
Based in Zurich, Switzerland and available to perform at events worldwide

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The Revue Show dancers take you into the world of glamour. With electrifying choreography and sexy costumes, the female performers artistically elaborate acts and choreography. Energised by modern technology and glamorised by unmatched allure, the dancers create the most breathtaking of live entertainment.

To classic retro cabaret-burlesque songs the dancers enchant the audience with classy, vintage style dance performances. Bring the magic of a Revue to your event!

The dance group have provided the highest quality live show entertainment for corporate clients, product launches, television shows and more. All aspects of the production including costuming, choreography and propping can be tailored to the client, location, theme and brand.