Syrene Saxofoonkwartet

Saxophone Quartet Holland

Holland's leading female saxophone quartet
Varied repertoire of classical arrangements & contemporary pieces
Broadcast live on Radio 4 from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam
Performed at the Vredenburg (Utrecht) and Frits Philips (Eindhoven)
Previous Concerts in Berlin, Paris & St. Petersburg

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This Holland based Saxophone Quartet was established in January 2004 and consists of four young ladies who met at the conservatories of Amsterdam.  The talented foursome performs a varied repertoire of classical arrangements and contemporary pieces.

The quartet has already performed many successful concerts throughout Holland including the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), the Bimhuis and the Music Building on the IJ (Amsterdam), Vredenburg (Utrecht) and Frits Philips (Eindhoven). This globetrotting quartet has also performed in Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg.

In March 2007 the Saxophone Quartet were broadcast live on Radio 4 during the Sunday morning concert in the Mirror Hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.