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Silhouette Artist San Diego

Our silhouette artist will hand-cut paper portraits creating a truly memorable take-home gift for guests and clien
Elegant portrait portraits are cut live in under two minutes, mounted on a decorative board and placed in a protective sleeve, the perfect keepsake
A silhouette station is an elegant solution to any festive occasion
A guestbook created from duplicate cuttings is also available. Guests can write messages beneath their silhouette creating al keepsake for the host
Based in San Diego and available for worldwide bookings

Silhouette Artist San Diego PHOTOS

Scarlett Entertainment’s fantastic silhouette artist creates customized portraits in a true old-fashioned style. Using nothing but a pair of scissors, black paper and an artist’s eye, she can cut a likeness in less than 2 minutes providing guests with a gift that will be treasured for many years.

An elegant and artistic art form that transports guests back to a time where this was the only means of recording what someone looked like without having a painting made. Silhouettes are perfect for vintage themed events and are very elegant. 

Beautiful keepsakes that are cut right before your eyes our artist can create these wonderful vintage portraits in record time whether it be a single portrait or a couple, our silhouette artist will provide unique and personable pieces of art that are captured in old school photobooth style.

A silhouette station is the perfect addition to any festive occasion whether it be a wedding, mitzvah, private party or themed occasion – she will  provide  guests with memories and artwork to last a lifetime.

To book our talented silhouette artist contact our Entertainment Specialists

  • Erickson Wedding at Grand Traditions
  • Miramar officers Club
  • Premiere of "Cinderella" Movie
  • Uline Corporate Event
  • Villaruz Birthday Party
  • Abrams Bat Mitzvah
  • Fund Raiser at Pixar Studios
  • Peralta Wedding/Abbey Catering
  • San Diego Museum of Natural History
  • Ventrice Wedding
  • Encabo Wedding-

" She was truly the highlight of the wedding for our guests Almost everyone walked away with a favour of their silhouette. They were so happy and still to this day one month later I receive calls texts and Facebook posts of people’s silhouettes. She is such a joy to work with and is one of the kindest, most talented people I have met. "

Beth Kristensen,  Broker

" She created beautiful custom silhouettes for the guests at my wedding. It was a hit! Guests got to leave with a personalised memento of the day and they also had a great time watching her perform her craft. She is wonderful to work with. I highly highly recommend booking her for your event. Her service is really a treat! "

Jaime, Bride

" I've seen her incredible work time after time at weddings we've catered and it is always the biggest hit! Her silhouettes are created to perfection and FAST, I was so blown away to watch her work. She is a joy to work with, completely professional (always on time with all the proper equipment needed), and never disappoints. If you want to spice up an event with an interactive silhouette station, or just want the perfect single silhouette, this silhouette artist is the way to go! "

Megan Lessert, The Abbey Catering & Event Design Co.

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