Fabrizio Balducci

Singer & Pianist Torino

Singer and pianist performs amazing instrumental covers of popular music
Performs all over the world with a wide repertoire of international songs
Plays a wide range of live music from jazz, classic to rock
A perfect mood-setter, his music compliments relaxed events
Based in Italy and available to perform at events worldwide

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Providing a soothing mix of expert piano playing and tasteful vocals, this Torino based musician plays a variety of beautiful jazz, pop, rock, and indie songs.

A highly successful and well-established artist, his passion for music began at a young age, after he received an electric keyboard as a present. Many years later, this passion has become a successful career and today he is regularly playing in hotels, casinos, clubs and at festivals around Europe. He has also played in different countries and cities around the world, sought after as a performer in piano bars, clubs, and lounges due to his wide repertoire of Italian and international songs.

A perfect mood-setter, his music would compliment events that require an ambiance of relaxation and laid back conversations.