Lemmings Theatre - Cod Choir

Singing Fishermen Walkabout

Charmingly funny comedy duo perform with their large cod fish puppets
Walkabout street theatre act sings old sea shanties and make terrible fish jokes!
Perfect for family friendly or sea-themed entertainment
Our comedy duo have delighted audiences at countless events and British seaside towns
Based in Essex, UK, our Singing Fishermen Walkabout is available for international bookings

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A real crowd pleaser, this unusual sea-themed entertainment is sure to charm your guests with their hilarious quips and cheesy one-liners. 

Packed full of sea and fish puns, our comedy duo perform a walkabout act with their cod fish puppets, engaging with and entertaining passers by. 

Perfect for street theatre at seaside towns, this nostalgic observation of British fishermen makes for heart warming sea-themed entertainment guaranteed to bring a smile to children and grown ups alike. 

Combining prepared material with audience interaction and improvisation, our Singing Fishermen Walkabout act provides fantastic seaside fun and silliness. 

A wonderful interactive sea-themed entertainment option for a range of events from festivals and fetes to product launches and private parties, our delightful fishermen and their fish puppets provide hours of comedy fun. 

Dressed in traditional fishermen get up, their shiny macs, rubber boots and waterproof hats evoke a brilliantly British seaside feel. 

Our comedy duo’s fantastic cod fish puppets make hilarious remarks and love it when guests pat them on their heads. With large mouths, green scaly bodies and intelligent yellow eyes, these fish puppet characters are just as funny as their fishermen owners. Watch out for their large fish tails, which have the tendency to playfully slap you as they go past. 

Top Tip: 

Our professional comedy duo offer a range of street theatre and costume characters to suit any type of event. Take a look at their hilarious animal-themed walkabout acts and stilt walking British Coppers Walkabout Act.

Our Singing Fishermen Walkabout is just one of the fantastic sea-themed acts we hold on our books. Discover the additional individuals, creatures, duos and groups of walkabout acts available to book for events. 

To book this wonderfully funny, heart warming and nostalgic street theatre, get in touch with our dedicated team of entertainment experts who will help you with your enquiry.  

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