Colé Van Dais

South African Singer

Beautiful and talented vocalist with a highly impressive vocal range
Performs jazz, blues, contemporary, pop, rock, country, Latin and more
Contemporary singer songwriter with an impressive 15 years of experience
Has performed with the Village people, Julian Marley and George Harrison
Based in Johannesburg and available to perform at events worldwide

South African Singer VIDEOS

South African Singer PHOTOS

South African singer songwriter has been performing as an independent artist for over 15 years. In high demand at events all over the world, she has appeared on multiple radio and television shows including The Toasty show, Teleschool, Jam Alley, KTV and NBC.

A diverse artist, she is able to comfortably perform a huge range of genres, including jazz, blues, contemporary, pop, rock, country, theatre, Latin or dance music, accompanied by either backing tracks, a guitarist, or a 6 piece live band.

She enjoys singing cover songs by artists such as Shakira, Celine Dion, Abba, Vaya Condios, Pat Benator, Laura Branigan, Jennifer Rush, The Pretenders, Cher, Adelle, Amy Winehouse and many more. In addition to this, she is also available to perform or write bespoke compositions for your special event in genres including adult contemporary, world music, jazz and pop.

Throughout her extensive experience as a solo artist, she has had the privilege of sharing the stage with popular artists such as Village people, Julian Marley, George Harrison from the Beatles, Peter Strycher, and popular South African artists such as Ladysmith Black Mambaso, Malaika, Watershed, Mango groove, Cucumber Zoo, Henry Ate, Steve Hofmeyer, and many more.

With a highly impressive vocal range and the versatility to express herself in a variety of music genres, she is the ultimate singing professional.

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