Hannah Jackson

Specialist Mind Reader

A mind reader who tells a story of the person she is reading through objects and space
Can identify people stuck in different times and can give them a plan to rewind or fast forward using their rooms as a means of transformation
Reads guests' photos from mobile phones or descriptions or reading handbags and briefcases as well as tarot cards
Previous readings include; Steve Jobs, Elton John, Tracey Emin and more
Based in Devon, UK and available for worldwide bookings

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Offering a completely unique experience our mind reader tells a story of the person she is reading through objects and space. Reading everything from handbags to briefcases, photos and rooms this event mentalist will provide a fascinating experience for all of your guests.

Having discovered that she could make her space move her mind at the age of seven, she has helped people from all over the world transform themselves using their rooms and pictures. 

Making a link between the power of objects in the home with the minds of the homeowners, our mind reader has impacted many peoples lives and provides a unique insight into their personality. A published author and public speaker whose unique gifts allow her to tell guests about their past, present and future through a simple picture. Our mind reader can tell you about yourself from every room in your house including your garden. 

A fantastic element to any event that will surprise guests and appeal to audiences and guests of all ages from helping adults transform their lives to telling children how they can stop their rooms from being messy.

Our speaker and mind reader can also provide signed copies of her book as a gift allowing guests to choose stories from the chapter headings for her to share mixed with the live readings of rooms, handbags and briefcases.

With several famous celebrities in her previous client list from Steve Jobs to Elton John, Tracey Emin and more, our mentalist reveals unknown evidence by sharing her unique world of objects and space. 

Top Tip:

Our serene mind reader is also available as a gypsy clairvoyant complete with caravan! Join our clairvoyant in her cosy vintage caravan to have your mind read or take a photo with her in traditional Gypsy dress. This cute caravan can be dressed up with flowers and ribbons to suit your wedding or event, and can fit up to three adults for group photos. Currently only available in the South West.

Some ideas of how to enjoy this specialist mind reader:

  • Tarot reading

Celtic Cross tells us our past, present and future but when you invite spirits in, they can take over the reading and choose the cards to show that they are with you. Mediumship with our psychic provides symbols and direct messages. 

  • Psychic parties

Bring a bottle of wine or have vintage tea and nibbles. You’ll support each other whilst having a “love tarot reading” and learning more about these extraordinary cards.

  • Corproate team building

With a focus on office environments, transform staff in the office or another location, ideal for team-building.

To book our Specialist Mind Reader, or for more information contact our Entertainment Specialists today.