Kaoru Watanabe Néo Ensemble

Taiko Drummers NYC

Taiko drummers provide a high-energy performance captivating guests.
Talented drumming group bringing a high-impact percussion experience to your event.
Dynamic event drummers keep your audience riled up and feeling the beat.
Hire Japanese performers to bring a one of a kind drum act ideal for private parties, street events, and more.
Book Japanese musicians for amazing drumming entertainment for events in New York and worldwide.

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Our traditional Taiko drummers are comprised by some of the best Japanese performers and Japanese musicians and will captivate guests of all ages. Our phenomenal drumming group provide authentic Japanese drumming entertainment perfect for a variety of events including corporate events, product launches, award ceremonies, private parties, themed events, festivals, and more. Our highly skilled event drummers are a professional performance group and have performed a multitude of events across New York and throughout the nation, quickly becoming a sensational act that's a must see among any city.

Engaging entertainment guests will love, as our Taiko drummers fill your event venue with glorious atmospheric rhythm and sound guaranteed to rile up any crowd. Our event drummers will become a central talking point for many conversations throughout your event as their act is truly one of a kind, incorporating pounding beats and performance art to help create unforgettable memories for your guests. Our world class Japanese musicians are inspired by a wide variety of traditional Japanese music and its role within Japanese culture, providing an emotional and fierce connection to the past. These Japanese performers will leave a lasting impression on guests.

The compositions and improvisations performed by our skilled drumming group always aims to bring about feelings of nostalgia and euphoria, an engaging drumming entertainment choice your guests will want to see again and again. Dedicated to preserving their ancient art form, our performers will bring high-energy performances that will engulf your event in a fun and electrifying way.

If you're interested in booking our remarkable Taiko drummers for your next event or gathering, I suggest contacting any of the wonderful Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who are more than happy to answer all of your questions while also guiding you through our booking process to ensure you book your entertainment option with no problems or concerns.


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