Phoenix - Mentalist & Hypnotist

TV Mentalist And Mind Magician

Skilled mind magician will stun your guests with his incredible stunts and tricks
Interactive entertainment that blends comedy, magic, mind reading, and audience participation
Mentalist can offer both stage shows and roaming performances to suit your needs
Ideal for gala dinners, corporate functions, ceremonies, festivals and more
Hypnotist available to hire for events in Melbourne and across Australia

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If you’re looking for something that will make your event stick in guests’ memories for a long time to come, then look no further than our brilliant mentalist and his incredible stage show offerings. Fantastic interactive entertainment that will really make an impact, this talented mind magician and accomplished TV entertainer is guaranteed to delight, astound, and amaze audiences at your special occasion. A versatile and professional performer, our mentalist and hypnotist can also provide roving performances, bringing his magic up close and personal in order to leave a lasting impression. 

Advanced psychological entertainment meets hilarious audience participation in our gifted mind magician’s one of a kind act. Committed to making every event a unique and unforgettable experience, this skilled mentalist will tailor his performance to exactly suit your celebrations, bringing you something truly extraordinary. Able to customise each stage show to integrate a theme, brand, or message, our pioneering performer promises you a world-class production that will get everybody talking.

Blending magic, mind-reading, and comedy, this accomplished mentalist and hypnotist brings together astounding stunts with award-winning psychological mind-reading routines, putting on a live show that will not soon be forgotten. Full of twists and turns, his shows seek to blur the lines of what is and isn’t possible as he reveals details that he could not possibly have known beforehand, stunning guests with his instantaneous induction, which in most cases takes less than 10 seconds and has to be seen to be believed! Also featuring mind-boggling final reveals, daring water tank escapes, and much more, each stage performance is a mesmerising spectacle of hilarity and wonder.

Perfect also as subtle walkabout entertainment, our mind magician can offer roaming performances which combine the art of mentalism with classics such as comical pick-pocketing, card tricks, and making objects disappear. An ethical performer, our mentalist will never perform routines that can in any way humiliate your attendees, and is ideal for gala dinners, ceremonies, festivals, private parties, exhibitions, corporate events and more. This act is available to book for events in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Top Tip:

You can also book this one of a kind performer's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.

Popular with both private and corporate events, hypnotists are a great entertainment option. As global specialists, here at Scarlett Entertainment we can provide such acts to perform at occasions all over the world, as well as countless other magical acts and plenty more besides.

For more information on the interactive entertainment we can supply for your event, contact our Entertainment Coordinators today.

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