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Unique Colourful Stilt Walkers

Extraordinary stilt walkers have a unique design enhanced by wonderful colours and music
This is a walkabout stilt performance with a contemporary twist that captivates audience members
A versatile walkabout performance tailored to suit your needs
Previous clients include The Kennedy Arts Centre, The Sao Paulo Arts Centre and the National Gallery in London
Based in Newcastle, UK and available worldwide

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Unique Colourful Stilt Walkers are four-legged beings that tower above the public creating spectacular shapes and sculptures as they move. This Newcastle, UK based coloured stilt walking act adds a splash of colour anywhere it goes and can perform with or without music. The bizarre act also includes non-stilt based performers that use large pieces of fabric with their bodies to tell the audience an emotive story. This vibrant contemporary performance is available in a variety of different colours including purple, orange, blue, red, black and white. 

Our walkabout stilt walkers have performed at some of the worlds top venues and offer a dreamlike quality to their performance that is adored by both adults and children. Such places include The Kennedy Arts Centre in Washington, The Sao Paulo Arts Centre in Sao Paulo Brazil and the National Gallery London UK. The anonymity of this act engages its audience members by creating curious structures and interesting movements. 

Our Unique Colourful Stilt Walkers would make the perfect booking for an outdoor street parade, fashion event, product launch and even shopping malls. If you would like to hire this Newcastle, UK based act for an indoor space/arena or outdoor walkabout performance, then we can provide up to 14 performers and add extract elements to fit your venue. 

Top Tip:
These Newcastle based walkabout stilt walkers, are available as solo artists, duos and larger performances with many performers and are available to perform in the UK and across the globe

They can perform on the ground in proximity to the audience with colourful costumes or on stilts high above the crowd as a more prominent spectacle. 

Click the link to check out our extensive range stilt walkers all around the world.

If you would like to book our Unique Colourful Stilt Walkers, then please contact our one of our friendly Entertainment Specialists who will be happy to help.  

  • The National Gallery London UK
  • The Kennedy Arts Centre Washington
  • The Sao Paulo Arts Centre Sao Paulo Brazil

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