Bambolea Producciones - Vintage Circus Parade

Vintage Circus Parade

Transport guests at your event or festival to the 18th century with this unique group of circus entertainers
Vintage circus performers master various disciplines including juggling, stilt walking, contortion, acrobatics, hand balancing, and more!
Performers can stroll the streets of your city with their unique carriage: a stunning vintage hot air balloon!
Choose from various costuming and make-up options: white, steampunk...pick the one that best fits your theme!
Available in different lineups, our circus artists can be booked in different groups and perform both indoors and outdoors

Vintage Circus Parade VIDEOS

Vintage Circus Parade PHOTOS

Surprise guests at your upcoming event with entertainment from another era! This unique Vintage Circus Parade has all it takes to make any event unforgettable for both little ones and adults. 

An all-in-one circus performance 

Fun and interactive, this walkabout circus act is guaranteed to be spread smiles and become the talking point at any event or festival. Circus artists from various disciplines join forces to deliver a performance that is dynamic and full of surprises! 

Some of the circus performers that will entertain and amaze spectators with their incredible skills include jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, acrobats, unicyclists, fire dancers, and more! Happy to personalise their performance by wearing costumes of your choice or adapting their lineup to meet your needs, our vintage circus artists offer a variety of customisation options. 

Entertainment for the whole family! 

Whether it be a steampunk-themed party, a festival or a street parade, this group of multi-talented circus performers are always a hit among children and grown-ups. Making heads turn wherever they go, their splendid costumes and unique hot air balloon carriage never go unnoticed! 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor performance spaces, this circus parade can adapt to different venues, weather permitting. Offering performances that can be enjoyed by the whole family, these circus artists are the go-to walkabout entertainment options for events attended by people of all ages. 

Make an enquiry today

If you're interested in booking this sensational Vintage Circus Parade, then don't hesitate to get in touch and make an enquiry. Our Entertainment Specialists are looking forward to helping you make your event an unforgettable one!


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