Vintage Hollywood Package

Vintage Hollywood Package

This interactive vintage Hollywood-themed package offers high-end entertainment throughout your event for a full evening of glitz and glamour
Amazing roaming entertainment includes a red carpet lady, living oscar ladies, bellboys, showgirls and champagne dresses
Our amazing 1920s themed dancers will provide pop-up choreographed routines that are perfect as after dinner entertainment
This bespoke package can be tailored to your venue, we will work with your event organiser to ensure optimum value from this outstanding package
These high-end costumes will capture the attention of every attendee, making fantastic photo opportunities for your guests to enjoy

Vintage Hollywood Package VIDEOS

Vintage Hollywood Package PHOTOS

Journey into 1920s Hollywood with this iconic, interactive vintage entertainment package that will charm guests from start to finish of your classy affair.

Join our Mr Gatsby host who will emcee your event in true Hollywood form, perfect for award ceremonies and any other elegant event.

At the entrance of your event,  our captivating red carpet lady will be positioned to greet guests, who can walk the red carpet she wears and marvel at the uniqueness of this act.

No red carpet is complete without paparazzi, put your guests into the shoes of A-listers as they get papped walking into the event, some may even like to pose for the camera!

Our variety of roaming entertainment includes our Living Oscar Ladies, who stun guests from an elevated height, their long gold dresses draping around them lavishly, guests would be forgiven for thinking they are really at a VIP Hollywood event.

Our charming bellboys with vintage-themed usher trays will dazzle guests with their friendly personalities and 1920s-style costumes. They love posing for selfies and will happily hand out refreshments so your attendees can feel like VIPs.

This delightful interactive package can also include a stunning Great Gatsby-themed champagne dress to serve drinks to guests in a unique fashion and super glitzy red-feathered showgirls to suit the glamour of your event perfectly.

Later in your event, our 1920s-themed dancers will perform choreographed routines to vintage-inspired music, a captivating after-dinner show that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Dressed to impress in gorgeous 1920s costumes our dancers can also offer mix-and-mingle sets offering photo opportunities and ambient dance.

This interactive package offers high-end entertainment from start to finish of your event, making it the perfect option for any vintage Hollywood event.

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