VioDance - Violin Video Projection

Violin Video Projection Mapping

Synchronises images and animations with music and movement to create a visually spectacular show
Performs to a specific musical theme and can create custom animations
Violins include: black electric Yamaha, crystal encrusted Yamaha, carbon fibre Qarbonia and an acoustic five string Tononi
Incorporates lasers and LEDs for the ultimate ‘wow effect!
Based in Spain and available to hire for performances worldwide

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Hailed as one of the first performance groups in the world to combine violin performance and 3D video mapping, the show they have to offer is utterly spectacular and a sure fire way to make a lasting impression at any event.

A show that was created with the aim of synchronising images and animations with music and movement, it certainly succeeds in offering up something that is both a feast for the eyes and the ears. Our electric violinists performs live music whilst seamlessly interacting with the images that are projected onto the screen behind her - it’s a perfectly choreographed performance. Completely captivating to watch, it is a sensational choice for entertainment for gala dinners, product launches, exclusive parties and more. 

Our electric violinist from Madrid can perform on a range of different violins - each chosen to suit a different aesthetic taste. Her line-up of violins includes: a black Yamaha SV-200, Yamaha YEV-105 BL encrusted with crystals, a carbon fibre violin Qarbonia and an acoustic violin Tononi with five strings. 

Of course, the animated projections can include branding and custom graphics in order to cater to the needs of individual clients. She can also perform to a specific musical theme if required. 

If 3D projection mapping wasn’t enough, LEDs and lasers can also be incorporated into the live show to created an even greater visual effect. If you’d prefer as Laser Violin Performance that is also on offer as part of our musician’s other services. 

To find out more about booking our Violin Video Projection Mapping artist for your next event, get in contact with our experienced Entertainment Coordinators.

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