Amy Serrano - Violinist with dancers

Violinist and Dancers USA

Available to play with both electric or traditional violins
Charming performances that incorporate both dance and live music
A range of lineups available and routines available
High-energy performance which is a joy to watch for audiences
Based in the USA and available to travel to events

Violinist and Dancers USA VIDEOS

Our stunning violinist with accompanying backup dancers

Violin and dance combine to create a high energy performance

Our talented female violinist is now available to perform alongside a dedicated group of dancers, offering a high energy performance that effortlessly combines live music and dance together. Skillfully playing violin whilst also including elements of the surrounding choreography, it's a wonderful display that is an ideal entertainment choice for a range of events.

Diverse repertoire of material

Charming renditions of modern material and classical pieces alike are skillfully reimagined to bring a unique flavour to every performance. The use of electric stringed instruments really lends itself to a modern way of performing and helps add new depth to pieces.

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