Pukima - Blue Dream

Walkabout Act Romania

Stunning walkabout act will capture the imaginations of audiences young and old
Comprised of a professional stilt walker and street performer with years of street theatre experience
Flexible performance can be adapted to suit a wide range of event situations
Perfect for shopping malls, festivals, themed events and much more
Based in Romania and available to hire to perform at events worldwide

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Are you looking for a unique walkabout act that has the ability to capture the hearts and the imaginations of your audience? This stunning walkabout act from Romania has it all - an enchanting backstory, beautiful costumes and characters, and a heartfelt emotion that is conveyed in every movement. 

Comprised of a professional stilt walker who has worked for one of Romania’s most prestigious street theatre companies, and a professional actor and circus performer, this duo of wondering characters is utterly mesmerising. Audiences will watch on in awe as they spin and dance around their performance space bringing to life poetry and physical comedy. Our ground-based performer can also perform crystal ball contact juggling, adding to the magical feel of this performance duo. 

These street performers are naturals at interacting with audiences young and old and can even hand out tokens if desired - perfect for promotional events! Their beautiful blue, green and purple coloured costumes and face paint are incredibly eye-catching and make for an unmissable photo opportunity. This kind of wondering circus performance is perfect for street festivals, shopping malls and public events where you need entertainment that has universal appeal and that can easily navigate a larger performance area. 

Able to adapt the specifics of their performance to suit any event and audience, our ‘blue dream’ walkabout act is perfect for your next event. 

Get in contact with our entertainment coordinators to find out more about booking our Walkabout Act Romania for your next event - wherever in the world it is!


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