PANNA - Robot

Walkabout Robot

Fantastic walkabout robot to entertain and delight audiences of any age
Incredible roaming performer will draw the crowds with his futuristic look and brilliant robotic voice and sound effects
Robot show will delight children and families with his hilarious antics and dance moves
Walkabout act perfect for entertaining guests at resorts, attractions, festivals and amusement parks
Brilliant robot act available throughout Italy

Walkabout Robot PHOTOS

Book this fantastic walkabout robot to delight and entertain guests of all ages at your event. This fantastic robot show features our brilliant robot character who will put a smile on every face with his hilarious antics and fun filled show. Our robot walkabout act creates an impressive sight with his striking red and white colour scheme and authentic robotic voice and movement that are sure to daw every eye wherever he goes.

Guests will love this hilarious robot act and our singing, dancing robot is perfect for entertaining families and children of all ages. Book this brilliant roaming performer to amaze and amuse guests at your event and give audiences a unique and quirky act like nothing they’ve seen before.

This robot show is puts on a great performance full of character, laughter and madcap antics that’s sure to delight children and adults at any event. Our incredible walkabout robot is perfect for drawing crowds at events of all kinds, from festivals and amusement parks to holiday resorts, street fairs and circuses. Our roaming performer’s futuristic look and top quality robotic sound effects will capture the imagination of every child at the event and his hilarious robot show will tickle the funny bone of adults too. 

Our robot act works great as a walkabout act to create an exciting atmosphere at events and attractions and his stationary show is great for parties, restaurants and hotels. Everyone will want to meet this impressive two and a half metre robot and his mischievous personality and hilarious dance moves will give audiences a unique and original act that’s sure to impress.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you walkabout characters in a range of styles including a fantastic selection of robots and futuristic characters. 

To book our walkabout robot or another fabulous act simply contact our friendly team.


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