Fernando Chaib

Water Percussion Group

Provide highly unique and innovative water percussion performances
Ensemble consists of highly educated, award winning, musical graduates
Often invited to teach their art form to students all over the world
Provide high impact entertainment guaranteed to captivate guests
Based in Brazil and available to perform at events worldwide

Water Percussion Group VIDEOS

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Founded in 2011 as part of a research project for technical and artistic development, the Water Percussion Group provides highly unique and innovative performances.

Consisting of highly educated, award winning, musical graduates, the ensemble have taken their percussion show around the world, performing in countries such as the USA, France, Portugal, Netherlands and of course, Brazil.

Awarded nationally and internationally, the percussionists are constantly invited to teach their unique art form to students all over the world as well as performing in concerts.

Active in several cultural and academic projects, Water Percussion Group perform and incorporate their work in several artistic multidisciplinary projects, involving new technologies, dance, video among other innovative resources.

Proving high impact entertainment, suitable for a broad range of events, their energetic performances guarantee to captivate guests at any event.

  • Cross Hatch - Toru Takemitsu
  • Ionisation - Edgard Varèse
  • Les Guetteurs des Sons - George Aperghis
  • First Construction in Metal - John Cage
  • Second Construction - John Cage
  • Third Construction - John Cage
  • Amores - John Cage
  • Living Room Music - John Cage
  • Dimensões - Carlos Stasi
  • 33 Samra Zabobra - Carlos Stasi
  • Revenge - Carlos Stasi
  • Por Mais de 5 Horas - Carlos Stasi
  • Ensaio 90 - Mário Ficarelli
  • Tempestade Óssea - Mário Ficarelli
  • Pratilheiros Catapimbásticos - Eduardo Guimarães Álvares
  • Cerèmonial - Hommage a Varèse - André Jolivet
  • Ceremonial - Paul Creston
  • Momemtum - William Craft
  • Water Music - Tan Dun
  • Musique de Tables - Thierry De Mey
  • Cantlcle #5 - Lou Harrison
  • Rain Tree - Toru Takemitsu
  • Suite - Lou Harrison
  • Double Music - Lou harrison/John Cage
  • Pulse - Henry Cowell
  • Festin - Yan Maresz
  • Cadance - Andy Pape
  • Drumming - Steve Reich
  • Music for Pieces of Wodd - Steve Reich
  • Marimba Phases - Steve Reich
  • Eletric Counterpoint (arr. for 14 marimbas) - Steve Reich
  • Music for Eight Persons Playing Things - Jorge Antunes
  • Cá Entre Nóis - Francisco Abreu
  • Tríptico - Hugo Correia
  • ECO'S - Fernando Chaib
  • Onze - Marco Antonio Guimarães
  • Ketiak - Akira Nishimura
  • Tríplice Andar - Denise Garcia
  • Sendas/Tempos - Leonardo Martinelli
  • Toronubá - Dimitri Cervo
  • The song of the Queztcoatl - Lou Harrison


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