Dumbledore impersonator

Wizard of London

Wizard of London is ideal as a meet and greet option and walkabout entertainment for your event
Experienced impersonator is perfect for hosting wizard school themes
Wizard of London can be booked along with our other characters
Ideal for children’s parties, family events, theme occasions and parties.
This Wizard of London is available for events in the UK and worldwide

Wizard of London PHOTOS

Fill your upcoming event with magic by booking our Wizard of London, an experienced impersonator that is sure to delight your guests with his friendly manners and captivating personality. The perfect meet and greet option for your party, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to have one of the most powerful wizards in the world as your event’s host.

Our Wizard of London will offer your guests a warm welcome and he also will wander around your venue interacting with people in many different ways. He will pose for photos, provide tips to young wizards and witches and share a nice chat and some laughs with their parents.

This experienced impersonator perfectly masters one of the most powerful wizard’s mannerisms, speech and looks. He’s friendly and smart and he will always give wise pieces of advice as he always did with his other students.

Loved by adults and children alike, Wizard of London will captivate different generations of wizard fans. Both children and their parents will have a good time as this magical act will bring back fond memories and transport them to a new magical world.

This Wizard of London is guaranteed to put big smiles on children’s faces, especially those who are big fans of the magical wonders of the world. Well worth booking for walkabout environments such as children’s parties, family events, or any other theme occasion, Wizard of London is the ideal walkabout entertainment option to get people talking about your event for years to come.

On top of all the above, this wizard experienced impersonator can also be booked along with other themed entertainment.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide range of top quality impersonators and lookalikes.

If you’re interested in booking Wizard London, speak to one of our entertainment coordinators and request further details on this walkabout act. 


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