Yoga Teacher Los Angeles

Sensational yoga team building activities will keep guests engaged and nimble.
Wonderfully intuitive yoga teacher that'll take guests on a personal journey of their mind and body.
Introducing new breathing techniques and yoga poses, guests will find our adult team building entertaining.
Hire unique team building for corporate events, speaking engagements, and much more.
Book sports themed entertainment for exciting new talking points through North America and worldwide.

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Book adult team building activities featuring our wonderful celebrity yoga teacher to experience how the rich and famous relax and ease their minds. Our yoga team building activities offer unique team building services to corporations, and company events or retreats, as well as private parties. Our highly skilled yoga teacher will guide guests through various breathing and yoga exercises to help inspire, invigorate, and open new and exciting lines of communication between each other. Our sports themed entertainment is a relaxing option from the usual high maintenance team building activities, and will help guests clear their minds and experience new forms of breathing.

Performing her wonderful yoga exercises, our peaceful yoga teacher has worked with various high profile celebrities including actor Al Pacino and entrepreneur Tai Lopez providing them and their guests with new relaxing alternatives of living. Our yoga team building experience will keep guests connected and talking throughout the duration of your event, quickly creating an unforgettable adult team building set of memories. Our brand of unique team building provides fun and relaxation while also figuring out the ins and outs of your mind and body. 

Our yoga teacher has a very unique ability to guide people towards their own version of inner piece, and is always striving to help audiences' around the world live healthier, fuller, and more meaningful lives, and is an ideal sports themed entertainment option for corporate events, private parties, speaking engagements, small group sessions, and many more, our yoga teacher will quickly become the fabulous centre piece of your engagement.

If you're interested in booking our peaceful yoga team building experience for your next special gathering or event, contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members who'll answer any and all questions, as well as ensure you lock in your team building entertainment option.

" I love working with her. She's perceptive, open and makes one feel they can do anything "

Al Pacino


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