Robe Champagne - 1920s Theme

1920s Themed Champagne Dresses

A beautiful strolling dress will add elegance and sophistication to any event
Fun interactive entertainment that makes for a great talking point
Flutes can be filled with champagne, gourmet desserts or a beverage of choice!
Perfect for Gatsby themed, Prohibition themed, Speakeasy themed and 1920s parties
Book our 1920s themed champagne dresses for events in Paris and worldwide

1920s Themed Champagne Dresses PHOTOS

Hire strolling champagne dresses for Gatsby themed events. The perfect 1920s entertainment idea, strolling dresses will add a touch of sophistication to your eventing.

Champagne dresses are a fantastic, interactive and novel way to serve your guests and make a fantastic talking point, - what better icebreaker than a strolling champagne dress! Acting as hostesses, our 1920s themed strolling dresseses will bring the bar to straight to your guests, pose for photos and liven up your event with good conversation and humour! Bring a touch of glamour and sparkle to your next event with our 1920s themed champagne dresses!

The perfect choice for 1920s entertainment, prohibition themed, Charleston themed and Great Gatsby themed events, our champagne hostesses will be dressed to the nines in dazzling flapper style dresses complete with feather headpieces - they will certainly look the part.

Able to hold up to 96 flutes at once, contrary to their name our champagne dresses don’t have to carry champagne, in fact you can fill the flutes with almost anything of your choosing, from gourmet desserts, to fruit or popcorn, to a beverage of your choice. The options are almost endless.

Hire 1920s themed champagne dresses for corporate events, private parties and themed events, weddings and much more. They are perfect as 1920s themed entertainment!

Scarlett Entertainment UK are industry leading providers of 1920s theme entertainment for a range of events worldwide. Providing the best range of unique entertainment options internationally, our dedicated event specialists will be able to tailor proposals to your events requirements and work with you on creating a one of a kind entertainment package specifically for your event. Book event entertainment with us for everything from corporate events to private parties and weddings.

Contact us today to find out more about booking entertainment for your next event now. 

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