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Afishal Visual DJ Show

DJ AFISHAL combines programmable drums, music and state of the art HD graphics in this powerful live visual DJ show
The AFISHAL Visual DJ Show has toured festivals, corporate events and high-end clubs worldwide to critical acclaim
He remixes and performs music live on his LED DJ drums whilst triggering intense graphics that can include bespoke visuals
Previous clients include BMW, The Royal Family and Beyonce
The AFISHAL Visual DJ Show is based in London and available for worldwide bookings

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The AFISHAL Visual DJ Show combines programmable LED DJ drums, music and state of the art HD graphics.  

DJ AFISHAL is a true pioneer in the world of electronic music. Performing on unique, handcrafted LED DJ drums, this wow factor DJ is renowned globally for his innovative musical talent and groundbreaking DJ sets.

Customisable Live Visual DJ Show

His creation, The TREMOR, is a set of state of the art LED DJ drums that were designed and built by DJ AFISHAL himself. it allows him to trigger sounds, lights and graphics all completely live at the hit of a stick, delivering an all-encompassing audio-visual performance like no other.

Completely customisable, high energy and incredibly powerful performances can be designed to a theme of your choice featuring animated versions of your logo, slogans, messages and even people. All brought to life to the music and genre of your choice performed completely live on stage by DJ AFISHAL. 

You can also choose to incorporate a talented MC, musicians such as a saxophonist, vocalists, fire performers, dancers and much more.  The AFISHAL Visual DJ Show is an extremely diverse act, suitable for practically any setting.

World Renowned wow factor DJ 

While DJ AFISHAL can be found tearing up clubs and festivals across the globe, he is just as well equipped to deliver fully bespoke live visual DJ shows for private and corporate clients and has done so for the likes of Samsung, Volkswagon and Marriott Hotels.

Since his rise to prominence, this wow factor DJ has appeared on dozens of TV shows from Sweden to China, performing live to over 150 million viewers at a time, as well as starring in an episode of The Gadget Show here in the UK. Currently working on tracks with DJ Fresh and a remix for Afrojack, this innovative visual DJ has taken the music world by storm!

Suitable for practically any setting

The perfect entertainment choice for high-end club nights, festivals, corporate events, private parties, exhibitions, brand launches and everything in between, this one-of-a-kind wow factor DJ will bring colour, excitement and lasting memories to your event.

To book our Afishal Visual DJ Show and bring the WOW-factor to your next event, contact our team of Entertainment Specialists today!

To book our outstanding Visual DJ contact our Entertainment Specialists today!

  • Beyonce
  • Formula 1
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Mastercard
  • Samsung
  • TV Now
  • The Royal Family
  • ...and many more!
  • BBC
  • Brit Awards
  • ITV
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Nike
  • Sky
  • The 02 Arena
  • Volkswagon
  • BMW

" Dude those DJ Drums are sick, are you making those to sell "

DJ Fresh

" [this DJ] with his Visual DJ Rig is probably the most mind-blowing act you will ever see on stage "

DJ Mag 2015

" You’re like a showman. I really, really like it and I really, really like you "

Simon Cowell


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