Firdaus Ensemble

Arabic Band Granada

With members from England, Spain & Morocco, this Arabic group were brought together by their love of Middle Eastern music
Featuring talented Arabic musicians, the band provide breathtaking musical performances
Available from a trio to a quintet with Arabic singers, the versatile performers can adapt to the requirements of your event
Our Arabic music group have performed at the 5th International Festival of Sufi Music, GALA Hispanic Theatre & Princeton University Chapel
Hire Arabic Band Granada for events in Spain & internationally

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Scarlett Entertainment Spain is a global entertainment agency, sourcing the best performers for events worldwide. Arabic Band Granada are Middle Eastern music specialists, providing exceptional shows inspired by all things Arabic. Featuring Arabic musicians and Arabic singers, our group are highly sought after to share their peaceful and harmonious music with audiences at events all over the globe. If you are looking to hire a truly superb Arabic music group for your special occasion, look no further than this experienced band.

If you would like to uplift your event with a breathtaking Middle Eastern band, we have the ideal performers. A truly diverse Arabic music group, members hail from England, Spain and Morocco, bringing different cultural influences into their rich Middle Eastern music sets. Though singing mostly in Arabic, our Arabic musicians cite folk and Flamenco as just some of the musical stylings that inform their stunning live performances. 

Our Arabic band includes:
- A vocalist and violinist
- A Qanun and lute player
- A percussionist (bender and darbuka) and lead Arabic singer
- A chellist (additional Arabic singers are available)

Available with 3-5 performers, the band’s Middle Eastern music is inspired by traditional sufi music from Arabic, Andalusian and Turkish sources. Drawing lyrically on sufi poetry, each beautiful musical performance offers a unique and memorable experience for audiences.

Having toured the world with their music and performed at some amazing venues including The Diyanet Center of America, Monasterio de Santa Clara la Real de Murcia, Princeton University Chapel and 5th International Festival of Sufi Music, our Middle Eastern band have created a global reputation for their authentic musical shows.

Whether you are planning a cultural event, festival, corporate celebration or wedding, our exceptional ensemble are certain to create a warm atmosphere for guests to enjoy. To find out more about booking Arabic Band Granada for you event, don't hesitate to contact our experienced team at Scarlett Entertainment Spain today.

  • Monasterio de Santa Clara la Real de Murcia
  • Morris Chapel California
  • GALA Hispanic Theatre
  • University of Birmingham
  • & many more venues
  • Jack Morton Auditorium
  • Central Hall of Coventry
  • Municipality of Pendik Istanbul
  • Princeton University Chapel
  • 5th International Festival of Sufi Music
  • Diyanet Center of America


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