Asher Laub - Violinist

Breakdancing Violinist

A truly exciting and energetic violinist experience
Event violinist has over 25 years of classical violin training and conducted over 1000 performances
Male violin player is a talented musician who incorporates a wide range of different genres
A fully choreographed concert featuring an electric violinist and breakdancers
Based in New York and available for hire worldwide

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Our Breakdancing Violinist is a unique, energetic and fun entertainment option that is a must-have if you want to make your event one to remember. 

Each live performance by our incredible electric violinist is fully choreographed and features our world class violinist and two or more professional breakdancers. The music performed is custom-edited and will not be heard anywhere else in the world – amazing! Our violin musician’s performance is bursting with energy and keeps any audience fully engaged from the beginning until the very end of his set. Our event violinist is trained in a wide variety of different genres and the breakdancers are uniquely trained in dance genres such as hip-hop, celtic and Bollywood. All of our performers in this world-class act are incredibly talented, experienced and versatile.

Male violin player is great for weddings, after-dinner entertainment and corporate functions, this mind-blowing act will be the highlight of your event. Our expert violinist has performed at iconic venues including Madison Square Gardens, B.B. King, Hammersein Hall, Central Park, Lincoln Center and the Jacob Javitz Center. Our classical violinist has performed for small audiences at private parties and in front of thousands at large stage concerts, you can therefore be sure you are booking a musician with incredible event experience. With over 25 years experience, this incredible act features one of the most experienced event musicians in the US. 

So if you want to hire an act that is full of energy and is truly unique, enquire with our entertainment specialists now at Scarlett Entertainment New York and book our Breakdancing Violinist today!

Top Tip:

  • Our professional violinist is also proficient in piano, drums, guitar and the mandolin. This fantastic act can provide many other services relating to these instruments, contact Scarlett Entertainment today to find out more!
  • Our amazing violinist has 350 high quality backing tracks that facilitate a DJ violin-style performance, Bollywood tracks and Jewish and Israeli tunes. Talk to us for more information about a customized set list for your event.