Qibu Culture - Chinese Knot Acrobatic Dance

Chinese Knot Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatics & dance meet harmoniously in this wow factor Chinese circus act
Incorporating an amazing ‘Chinese Knot’ acrobatic prop into their routines, our Chinese dancers will amaze you with their strength & dexterity
Featuring traditional Chinese costumes & music, our acrobatic dance troupe offer high impact live shows
The ideal Chinese circus act for gala dinners, corporate functions, private parties & cultural celebrations
Book Chinese Knot Acrobatic Dance for events in Zhengzhou & internationally

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At award winning entertainment agency Scarlett Entertainment we are proud to represent some of the most incredible performers from across the globe. Sourcing truly exceptional entertainers in every area: from dancers and musicians to unique stunt performers and circus artists, we have an act to suit almost any special occasion. This beautiful Chinese Knot Acrobatic Dance is just one of our incredible Chinese circus acts, available to perform at your event. Captivating audiences with their agility and synchronicity, our acrobatic dance troupe perform an amazing aerial Chinese stage show featuring a visually impressive prop. The talented Chinese dancers work in harmony as they demonstrate unbelievable acrobatics and dance moves. Your audience won’t be able to look away!

A truly special Chinese circus act, our one of a kind show uses a unique aerial prop. Designed like an aerial cube, this prop features many of the cube structures fused next to one another, allowing a whole acrobatic dance troupe to perform together. Able to be manipulated by the dancers' movements, the structure changes shape throughout the show. Incorporating floor acrobatics, dancing and aerial artistry, our Chinese stage show is guaranteed to leave your guests spellbound.

With eye catching traditional Chinese costumes, a dynamic soundtrack and wow factor stage lighting, our Chinese dancers create beautiful shapes with their bodies as they dangle, suspended from the ceiling. Performing in total unison, our aerial artists almost become one person as they dance.

A spectacular show for gala dinners, corporate functions, festivals and product launches, this incredible act is suited to even the most high end events. Always professional, our polished acrobatic artists will ensure that your event entertainment goes smoothly. Culminating their performance with amazing high-speed aerial spinning, expect non stop thrills from the exceptional Chinese Knot Acrobatic Dance. 

For more information about the technical requirements and necessary venue setup of booking this act for your event, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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