Grupo Masflamenco

Classic Flamenco Dance Show

Masters of the traditional Spanish art of Flamenco dancing, this Flamenco act is guaranteed to delight your guests
Featuring Flamenco dancers, guitarists and a singer, this show is a rich entertainment option
Also offering Spanish Flamenco workshops, why not try out the beautiful dance for yourself?
Flamenco shows are perfect for corporate parties, festivals, restaurants and more
Book Classic Flamenco Dance Show for events in Holland and worldwide

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Guaranteed to delight and inspire at your event, this Classic Flamenco Dance Show brings Spanish Flamenco performance to events across the globe. Based in the Netherlands and available to perform internationally, these Flamenco dancers are at the top of their fields. Providing captivating Flamenco shows, enjoy a taste of traditional Spanish culture at your special occasion. A truly diverse Flamenco act, prepared to be amazed by the incredible unity of music and movement in this Flamenco show. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we are proud to source and supply incredible acts from around the world. Born from Andalusia in the South of Spain, Flamenco is a name that refers both to a style of music and dance. Thought to have originated with Romany gypsies, today Flamenco is integral to the culture of Spain. Recognised by its beautiful flowing dresses, theatrical movements and passionate feeling of ‘duende’, Spanish Flamenco is a style of performance that has spread to all corners of the globe.

Masters of their art, these Flamenco dancers are all professionally trained performers. Offering rich Flamenco shows featuring one or a number of dancers and accompanied by traditional Spanish guitar and vocals, this act is guaranteed to captivate audiences at your event. Wearing traditional dress, our Flamenco act transports guests to a space in which music, movement and emotion become one. Entrancing audiences with their rhythmic foot tapping and mesmerising hand gestures, the dancers in our Flamenco act are all professionally trained performers.

As well as offering captivating Flamenco shows for events, our dancers are also able to provide workshops for cultural days, festivals and hen parties. Inviting guests to learn a little about Spanish culture and participate in a dance that has lived on for centuries, prepare to take a trip into a seductive new world.

To learn more about booking Classic Flamenco Dance Show for your special occasion, get in contact with our team at Scarlett Entertainment and we will be more than happy to help.

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