Classical Ensemble Amsterdam

Create a fun, relaxed & upbeat atmosphere for all to enjoy
Founded in 1970 they have over 40 years of professional experience
Unusual interactive staging makes for a unique musical experience
Ideal for concerts, festivals, special occasions & more
Based in Amsterdam & available to perform at events worldwide

Classical Ensemble Amsterdam VIDEOS

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This Amsterdam based classical ensemble, comprised of 40 world-class musicians, aim to bring quality symphonic music directly to its audiences.

Taking a non-conventional stance, this orchestra don’t need a stage they can perform anywhere from the smallest of rooms or on a barge, to open fields and beaches. They strive for direct interaction with their audiences in order to create an intense musical experience for all to enjoy.

Young and enthusiastic, they create a fun, relaxed & upbeat atmosphere that will delight audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Their unique and unusual performances are guaranteed to be the talk of your event.