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Rita Zingariello

Harpist Rita

Beautiful Harpist with virtuoso performances & imaginative programmes
Versatile repertoire of classical, contemporary and film scores
Popular with weddings, corporate events, private parties, cocktail parties
Available with additional musicians - flute, violin, organ, opera singers
Based in Bari & available to perform at events throughout Italy

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This elegant and talented harpist is popular for weddings ceremonies and drinks receptions, where beautiful musical accompaniment is required!  Performing a range of musical styles, this highly trained and experienced harpist plays Classical, Contemporary and film scores depending on client tastes, requirements and event type.

Additional accompanying musicians are also available including flute, violin, organ or opera singers.

Perfect for small gatherings, as well as taking centre stage at larger events, Rita has performed in prestigious events both as soloist and as first harp in various orchestras.