Kamaljeet & Jas Ahluwalia

Indian Classical Musicians

Gifted Indian music duo are sure to make your special occasion a must attend affair.
High energy classical Indian musicians will captivate with their cultural performance.
Wonderful live music show features variations of classical Indian music and folk songs.
Perfect Indian music for private parties, black tie affairs, ceremonies, gala dinners, etc.
Book Indian music performers for events throughout the US and worldwide.

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Our wonderfully sounding Indian music duo are sure to leave an impact at your upcoming event or social gathering, as our female and male classical Indian music performers instantly captivate your audience with their skilful playing and sensational instrumental prowess. A talented set of folk musicians that will provide an outstanding live music show that everyone can enjoy with ease, keeping your special occasion fired up and filled with high levels of energy. Creating a wonderful atmosphere, our remarkable Indian music act is bound to have mass appeal at any event they perform at, thanks to their cultural and upbeat nature.

Delivering stunning covers of traditional folk music and classical Indian music, our talented Indian musicians channel each song on the SAntoor and Tabla. These classical Indian instruments provide a fun twist and unique blend that becomes a completely new sound piece. Our wonderful Indian music entertainers perform with passion, professionalism, and sophistication, always striving to create a dazzling live music show. Our outstanding classical Indian music act will ensure your guests are feeling engaged and entertained throughout their performance, as our Indian musicians are sure to leave them with memorable experiences.

Our stunning Indian music performers are comprised of an epic duo that can perform from a variety of timed sets that range from 15 minutes to 120 minutes, creating a unique and fun live music show experience custom tailored to fit your social gathering's theme and style guidelines. A versatile music act, our folk music duo will perform a variety of genres including traditional tunes that will keep your special event filled with soothing sounds. The ideal live music experience for private parties, corporate functions, black tie affairs, festivals, gala dinners, receptions, and a lot more.

If you are interested in booking our sensational male and female musicians for your upcoming event or gathering, contact any of our entertainment experts who are always more than happy to assist you with your booking needs.

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