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Knitted Ladies Stilt Act

Striking walkabout stilt artists capture attention with their intricately designed costumes and extravagant woollen headdresses
Roaming duo lends a whimsical fairy tale look to any special event
Costumed stilt performers can meet and greet guests, pose for photos and create beautiful displays with embroidery and yearn
One-of –a-kind concept offers a fresh, exciting and unusual roaming duo for a unique appearance
Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, our walkabout stilt artists are available for worldwide bookings

Knitted Ladies Stilt Act PHOTOS

Book this enchanting roaming duo for a wondrous circus act at your next event that will fill audiences with delight. 

With a whimsical style and intricately decorated costumes, this Knitted Ladies Stilt Act is guaranteed to charm audiences of both children and adults alike. 

A highly unique concept, our Knitted Ladies Stilt Act wears bespoke designed outfits and headdresses inspired by the creative art of knitting and embroidery. 

Plaited yarns, lace, ribbons and buttons in soft pastel colours adorn beautifully cut tailored costumes which hark back to ladies’ clothes of eras past. Reminiscent of high fashion couture, these high-end costumed stilt performers are designed to make an elegantly refined and notable statement. 

Adding even more drama to the overall look, our walkabout stilt artists carry exquisitely made fabric wings on their backs, which can be opened up into theatrical wingspans. 

Watch as they teeter through your event high on their stilts, opening and closing their embroidered wings with finesse for a spectacular performance. With long graceful strides, this costumed circus act will skilfully manoeuvre around your event space, roaming among guests and creating a peaceful and dream-like atmosphere. 

As well as a visual spectacle, these costumed stilt performers make for a captivating meet and greet duo as guests arrive at your event. Playing the part of otherworldly characters perfectly, this fairy tale circus act is curious to meet and engage with their audience. Providing a fantastic and inimitable photo opportunity, our roaming duo happily pose for pictures as they interact with visitors. 

A beautiful added extra for special occasions, our Knitted Ladies Stilt Act is a fantastic choice for any grand opening, product launch, trade show, festival, carnival, or high-end celebration. 

Excited to hire fantastical walkabout stilt artists for your next event? Browse our magnificent collection of costumed stilt performers for a one-of-a-kind act no one will forget.

To find out more about how to book, contact our team of Entertainment Experts.


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