Illizium - LED Event Dancers

LED Laser Female Dancers

A luminous dance show carried out by talented LED event performers using advanced light technologies
Offer a wide variety of LED and other futuristic costumes to fit your party’s requirements
Three up to ten dancers can perform different choreographies on stage and also offer free dance routines
Have performed alongside Paris Hilton in Abu Dhabi and at other small and large venues in Qatar, Turkey and Lebanon, among others
Book these LED Laser Female Dancers for events in Dubai and all around the world

LED Laser Female Dancers VIDEOS

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Make of your upcoming party the event of a lifetime with these phenomenal LED Laser Female Dancers. The perfect dance entertainment option for your upcoming big party, these LED event performers will use a variety of light technologies to perform a luminous dance show that will keep your guests dancing all night long.

Ideal dance entertainment option for nightclubs and private parties, our LED Laser Female Dancers will be your event’s main attraction. They will add a futuristic and technology touch that will rock your party and that is guaranteed to leave lasting memories.

Our talented LED event performers are specialists in performing with all type of advanced light technologies. They use laser gloves, fans and LED sticks among other props to create unique and striking laser and light effects that will make your guests feel like part of an action or spy movie!

The ladies have a comprehensive collection of outfits to choose from, so whether you’d like them to wear futuristic white dresses, LED costumes that recalls Princess Leia’s gold slave costume or even to dress up as alien creatures, they will be happy to do so!

Their wonderful costumes in combination with the advanced light technologies they use for their performances draw Paris Hilton’s attention, who trusted them for some of her big nightclub celebrations in Abu Dhabi. Our LED event performers have also brought their luminous dance show to parties all around Belarus, Russia, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar and other venues in United Arab Emirates.

Are these wonderful LED Laser Female Dancers what you have in mind to brighten up your party? Then do not wait anymore and Laser Female Dancers contact us today.

Booking a LED technology show has never been so easy! Speak to our amazing team at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to discuss further details on this luminous dance show with you.

  • Paris Hilton
  • Adam Clay
  • Craig David


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