Jodelqueen Margret Almer - The Bavarian Band Show

Margret Almer & Bavarian Band

Yodel queen Margret Almer offers an authentic taste of German entertainment
Incredible music evokes images of majestic alpine hills & glacier topped mountains
Renowned for her 1996 hit ‘The Most Beautiful Man of The Blue Mountains’
Perfect for festivals, family days & events, themed parties, themed parks & more
Book Margret Almer & her band for events across Europe & worldwide

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Famous German singer and yodeller Margret Almer has teamed up with two renowned Bavarian musicians to create an authentic German entertainment experience and yodelling act not to be missed. 

Accompanied by an accordionist and guitarist, Almer will transport you and your guests to the snow-capped mountains, green rolling hills and picturesque flower studded meadows that rural Austria is so revered for. Deemed the yodel queen, Almer is an accomplished yodeller known for her incredible vocal strength and ability to issue forth the clear, sustained, undulating notes that characterise German yodelling. During her performances close your eyes and imagine her beautiful voice echoing through the hills. 

Wearing authentic German dress our yodelling act and Bavarian musicians not only sound the part, but look the part too and are able to offer a fantastic themed performance that will really add an authentic European feel to your event. Whether you’re looking for German entertainment or Bavarian entertainment, our musical trio will fit the part. Their uplifting, soul-stirring performances will have audiences tapping their toes and making their way to the dance floor in no time at all. 

Margret Almer has been a practising singer and musician from an early age and the release of her 1996 hit ‘The Most Beautiful Man of The Mountains’ saw her soar to European fame with her songs played regularly on popular radio and TV stations.

The power of the voice in yodelling is something that fascinates audiences the world over, and as such is an excellent entertainment choice for international audiences. Book German entertainment for theme parks, family events, festivals, themed parties and much more. 

Scarlett Entertainment has years of experience putting together custom-made shows and performances tailor to meet clients’ specific requirements. If you would like to book Margret Almer as a solo yodeller or together with additional Bavarian musicians and German entertainment get in contact with our expert entertainment coordinators. 

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