Emran Riaz - Illusionist Act

Mentalist Magic Act

Mentalist Magic Act who knows how to shock, surprise, amaze and engage!
Ensures to provide your guests with memories that will last for a lifetime
Blends the conjuring arts of Magic with incredible sleight of hand
Has performed for eBay, YouTube, Google, General Motors and many more
Based in Jersey and available to perform at events worldwide

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Imagine meeting someone who can stare you in the eye and tell you exactly what month and day you were born on…!

Our Mentalist Magic Act knows how to shock, surprise, amaze and engage audiences at a broad rage of events with his incredible close up magic tricks and illusions.

With an impressive 15 years of professional experience, Em has been stunning audiences with his unique performances, which blend the conjuring arts of Magic and sleight of hand with the incredible mind reading ability of a Mentalist.

In high demand at events internationally, he has performed for some of the largest corporations in the world including, eBay, YouTube, Google, General Motors, Citigroup, Met life and many more. In addition to this, he has also has been invited to entertain some of the top A List celebrities at their own private functions.

Performing miracles with normal everyday objects such as coins, playing cards, borrowed items and sometimes just your mind; Em turns the ordinary into extraordinary!

Hundreds of clients have raved over his ability to use his mysterious techniques to read the minds of his spectators. This ability to “thought scan” has left people mesmerised and has always become the talk of the evening!

Ensuring to provide your guests with memories that will last for a lifetime, this Mentalist Magician will ensure that your event goes down in history!

  • Google
  • Met life
  • eBay
  • General Motors Citigroup
  • And many more
  • YouTube