Sorcha Ra - Jump Rope

Mongolian Jump Rope Team

Multi-award winning Mongolian acrobats offer an exciting, high-energy jump rope show
Any number between 6 and 14 performers are available to as part of the jump rope team
Jaw-dropping jump rope skills, balance acts and eye-catching costumes create the full performance package
Captivating entertainment for awards ceremonies, gala dinners, cultural events and shopping malls
Available to book for event performances worldwide

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If you’re in need of a high-energy show performed by highly skilled professional acrobats and circus artists, this Mongolian Jump Rope Team have everything that you’re looking for. 

A group comprised of Mongolian acrobats, who are world renowned for their high-level of circus training and skills, this jump rope team offer breath taking performances packed full of daring stunts and impressive balances all delivered in one high-energy choreographed performance. 

Also experienced Banquine Performers, this group of Mongolian circus professionals can use each other’s bodies as the jump rope - adding another surprising dimension to the performance. This act presents teamwork at its physical extreme - jaw-dropping skills, seamless coordination and trust - perfect for corporate events and conferences with this theme!

These jump rope acrobats’ spectacular displays of strength, flexibility and skill makes for exciting entertainment that is sure to impress at gala dinners and awards ceremonies as well as cultural events and shopping malls - this show really is versatile, adaptable and universally appealing. 

Depending on your event requirements you can have between six and 14 performers appearing at your event - the more performers the more elaborate the display. The ultimate pack small, play big act, other than the jump ropes and costumes there are no extra props involved in this performance meaning that the team can be ready to perform in minimal time and can be flown to venues all over the world with ease. 

This thoroughly entertaining dynamic live stage show will be the talk of your event. 

Top Tip

This group of Mongolian circus artists can also be booked as Contortionists

To find out more about booking this world-renowned Mongolian Jump Rope Team for your event get in contact with our experienced Entertainment Coordinators today! 


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