Zachary Prohaska

Online Cocktail Workshop

This virtual team building cocktail-making workshop will allow your guests to make a range of delicious drinks from home 
Our virtual bartender will teach guests step by step bartending techniques for all skill levels whilst interacting and engaging with the guests
He can offer either a live-streamed workshop over zoom or put together a personalised pre-recorded online tutorial
Customisation options are available such as theming the drinks to your requirements, incorporating a logo and a personalised message
A charismatic bartender who is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for online corporate events and virtual private events

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1. How long is the performance?

The pre-recorded video or live-streamed show will be approx 30 minutes in length. This can differ depending on your requirements.

2. What will the show include?

The virtual show will include the following structure:            

-  Introduction and brief Flair bartending Demonstration

- Cocktail notes and a brief conversation

- First cocktail demonstration performed with flair bartending techniques

- Second cocktail demonstration performed with flair bartending techniques

- Party Trick lesson (Become the Life of the Party!)

- Third cocktail demonstration performed with flair bartending techniques

- Fourth cocktail demonstration performed with flair bartending techniques

- Finale VIP Flair show with a Toast to the guests. 

3. Can the show be customised?

Yes, our bartender can provide different themed cocktails such as Sours, The Classics, Tiki, Seasonal and Fruity. He can also add in a company logo to the background and say a personalised message for your guests. 

4. Can the show be pre-recorded or live-streamed? 

The show can be either. For a pre-recorded video he will require a lead time of 1 week.

5. What platform will the live stream be on?

The live-stream option will be over zoom if possible. Our bartender is happy to discuss other platforms and his technician will help with set up and smooth transitions throughout the live-stream.

6. Will the audience need anything to participate?

Yes, if the guests would like to participate our bartender will send an ingredients list and home bar tools kit list for the guests to purchase prior to the event.

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