Virtual Immune Booster Workshop

Virtual Immune Booster Workshop

An interactive educational and fun virtual cookery masterclass aimed at boosting your immune system whilst learning about nutritional foods
Expect to make an immunity-boosting shot, a good gut grain bowl and a delicious healthy alternative dessert!
Learn about the health benefits of foods as our host explains how they interact with the body to boost immune systems and fight viruses
An interactive Q&A session will be included and the masterclass will be suitable for any abilities
Ideal virtual cookery class for online wellness events, virtual corporate team building days and online private zoom parties

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1. What can I expect from the virtual masterclass?

This virtual cookery masterclass will take your guests on an educational medicinal food journey where they will be introduced to nutritional cooking basics and learn how to incorporate immune-boosting foods into recipes in a simplistic and accessible way. Guests will learn about the health benefits of certain food-types aimed at maximising both physical and mental health and grasp a gradual approach into building their immune system and gut health.

In the virtual masterclass, you will create 3 dishes including an immune-boosting shot, an Asian style mixed grain bowl and finish off with some avocado brownies for your guests to try and enjoy.

2. How long will the masterclass last?

The virtual class is usually 1 and a half hours long but our tutor is happy to discuss different lengths based on your requirements.

3. What platform will this class be on?

The prefered platform for our tutor is zoom but she is open to deliver her class on other platforms if required. Please note this masterclass is not compatible with teams.

4. Will the class be interactive and engaging for my employees? 

Yes, our tutor will provide a step by step guide, engaging the guests and answering any questions they may have about immune-boosting nutrition and the making of the healthy meal.

5. What will the guests need to participate?

Our tutor will send out an ingredient and equipment list prior to the event. This will in be everyday household equipment and ingredients.

6. Is there a maximum or minimum amount of guests who can participate?

The minimum amount of participants is 4 guests and the maximum is 50. If you have a larger group our immune-boosting expert is happy to provide multiple workshops.

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