Online Harp Relaxation Workshop

Online Harp Relaxation Workshop

Encourage good mental health habits and explore the therapeutic properties of harp music through this incredibly calming virtual workshop
Combining gorgeous live harp music and calming speech, this virtual mind painting exercise is perfect for relaxing and revitalising online guests
Our wonderful host leads participants through a series of calming visualisations and takes them on a mindful journey into deep relaxation
Completely tailorable, you can choose to end this workshop in a state of complete relaxation or feeling energised and ready to take on the day!
The perfect online health and wellness activity for remote teams, private virtual events and particularly those suffering from lock-down fatigue

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1. How does this virtual experience work?
This is an incredibly relaxing online guided meditation and mind painting experience that uses the Conistabile Method of guided imagery harp therapy to promote the maintenance of good mental health. Hosted on the video conferencing platform Zoom, this virtual workshop includes a combination of soothing harp music performed by our professional musician and calming vocal prompts the guides participants through an imagined journey. Focussing on deep relaxation, these sessions help online guests to bring their attention to their breathing and consciously relax their body. 

Our wonderful harpist uses a single, static camera that allows participants to watch her peaceful harp playing, although many choose to close their eyes during the session.

2. Is this session customisable?
Absolutely! Our host can custom the session to create the desired effect amongst participants. For example, if you are looking to organise an evening session for your online participants, she can end the workshop leaving guests in a state of deep relaxation to ease them into a restful sleep. Alternatively, if you are looking for a daytime session, she can end the workshop with some energising music to wake guests up again and leave them ready to conquer the rest of the workday!

Additionally, our host can work towards creating a particular visualisation for the participants. This could be a relaxing location that has some special meaning to you or could revolve around participants imagining they are completing a certain meaningful activity, such as winning an important race. 

Just let us know in advance what you have in mind so that we can build these customisations into the quotation and advise as to necessary lead times

3. How many guests can take part?
There is no minimum number of required participants, and this workshop works well for even individual online guests. In regards to the maximum number of guests, this will at least partially be dictated by your video conferencing platform and our host can accommodate up to 100 guests.

4. What do guests need to be able to participate?

Guests will need a comfortable, warm, quiet space. Blankets, pillows and headphones are all highly recommended but not totally essential. Virtual participants will also need a strong internet connection, a device to watch the workshop on and familiarity with Zoom is also beneficial.


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