Joanna Henwood

Opera Singer Joanna

Operatically trained, mezzo-soprano classical crossover opera singer
Classical repertoire comprises opera, sacred music and lieder
Crossover set list includes songs from musicals, Celtic music & soul
Fluent in French & German, can perform a French repertoire
Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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Joanna is an operatically trained, professional mezzo-soprano classical crossover opera singer based in London.

Growing up in Devon, Joanna began singing at an early age. She now sings for a variety of public, private and corporate functions & events, as well as performing in theatrical productions.  Joanna’s classical repertoire comprises opera, sacred music and lieder; her crossover repertoire includes songs from West-End shows & musicals, Celtic music and soul ballads.

Fluent in French and German with a good command of Italian, Joanna has a passion for grand opera and performs many of the best known arias in recitals, concerts and at events. Acquiring a love of theatre and musicals at an early age, Joanna includes many of the best loved songs in her lighter concert repertoire.  Her crossover repertoire reflects her Celtic ancestry, with classically arranged folk songs and influences such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. 

Joanna is a versatile and sought-after performer, offering opera music for all occasions.