Captains Beard

Pirate Themed Band

The most fearsomest pirate folk band on board the good ship England, get ready to start swashbuckling
Our pirate singers play a wide range of sea shanties, folk music, maritime sea songs, jigs, reels and polkas
Striking guests with terror, the roving band's lineup includes cello, bodhran, cajon, ukelele, mandolin & guitarrrr me 'arties
Previous performances include: Vegfest UK, The Golden Hind (London), Penzance Pirate day and Whalefest
Available to hire for events in Brighton and worldwide

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Shiver me timbers! Are you planning a perilous pirate themed event? We have a fearsome troupe of pirate singers to strike terror into your guests' hearts and have them wishing they had walked the plank. Available from Scarlett Entertainment UK to perform at events in Brighton and internationally, our Pirate Themed Band are no land lubbers, that’s for sure.

Avast ye bilge rats and listen ye here: there is a new pirate band in town and they have a mighty loot of shanties to have you doing the hornpipe like you ‘aint got scurvy! Playin’ the sweet sounds of the guitar, accordion, cello, bodhran, cajon, ukulele and mandolin, our pirate folk band have mastered a wide repertoire of songs to give even the saltiest sea dog a great night.

Performing folk music, maritime sea songs, sea shanties, instrumental jigs, reels and polkas, our roaming band provides the ultimate pirate themed entertainment for a range of events. Available with 3-8 folk musicians, the pirate characters in our nautical band can adapt to the requirements of your pirate show to help every guest find their sealegs. 

Able to provide pirate tribute shows and nautical entertainment for festivals, corporate functions, themed events and maritime celebrations, our folk band will bring a fun and playful atmosphere to any occasion. Able to perform as walk around musicians or as a stationary pirate themed folk band, our dastardly scallywags will have every guest shaking their booty’s like they have just hoisted the jolly roger.

For more information about hiring folk singers, roving bands and pirate themed acts for your event, contact Scarlett Entertainment UK today and say “ahoy!”

  • March of the Mermaids Brighton
  • La Porte Noire (Belgium)
  • Riverfest Shoreham
  • Lewes Con Club
  • Na Fir Bolg (2015 Belgium)
  • Pirate Party in the Park Folkstone
  • Hastings Pirate Day (2013 2015 2016)


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