Mahatma - Walkabout Dinosaur

Roaming Dinosaur And Handler

Incredible lifelike roaming dinosaur accompanied by handler
This fantastic walkabout to scare and entertain
Guaranteed to attract a crowd and engages with the audience
Outstanding entertainment for a variety of events, especially Jurassic Park themes
Based in the Ukraine and available all over the world

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There’s nothing quite like having your guests come face to face to a dinosaur. From extreme fear and running away to sheer amazement and wanting to touch it, our roaming dinosaur and his handler are guaranteed to have an impact on your audience and make a lasting impression. This spectacular family entertainment can also suit many event types.

This fantastic walkabout act is a costume character in an unbelievable life like Tyrannosaurus Rex but on a small scale. The roaming dinosaur is always accompanied by a handler who can be dressed in a variety of costumes from cowboy to Jack Sparrow. The incredible costumed character is so realistic it looks like it is pulled straight out of Jurassic Park or brought forward through time. With rough skin, sharp teeth moving eyes and sounds edited from within, this walkabout act brings a touch of the surreal wherever it goes.

The walkabout act involves the handler leading the roaming dinosaur by a rope leach. As you can see in the video, he will catch people unaware and surprise them giving an awesome shock factor. As this is family entertainment, it is not just about scaring people. This walkabout act is an attraction to get people involved and the handler encourages parents and children to pet the costume character like a dog.

With Jurassic Park being one of the most popular franchises from our current generation and children always fascinated by prehistoric creatures, a roaming dinosaur is always guaranteed to pull a crowd, especially when they look as good as this one!

The walkabout act works really well in open spaces like festivals, shopping centres and promotions in city centres. The roaming dinosaur provides flawless family entertainment for themed parks, birthday parties, themed events and photo opportunities.

Our roaming dinosaur is ready to wow audiences all over the world so do not hesitate to get in touch about booking it for your event.

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