Eddy McLean y su Merensalsa

Salsa Band Madrid

7 piece latin and salsa showband also available with dancers
Performed across the world in Cyprus, Portugal, Romania & France
Huge set list including Latin music and also Caribbean music
Performed for high profile clients, celebrities and royalty
Based in Madrid and available to perform across Spain & Worldwide

Salsa Band Madrid VIDEOS

Salsa Band Madrid PHOTOS

This act is a 7 musicians latin band with a nice tropical touch which pass to the audience the urge to dance or only to enjoy a nice and colourful concert. Their incredible energy makes their performance an unforgettable time.

Their set-list is huge. They can perform all kinds of latin music and do this with verve. In their performances, they offer all the flavor of caribean music with music styles like merengue, chachacha and salsa. These artists traveled and performed all around Europe: Portugal, France, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, …

They came to participate and win the first contest of traditional music organized by the city council from Madrid, obtaining the first prize so, razing in the modality of tropical rhythms. Along their musical trajectory, this orchestra has had the opportunity to share stage with big talents of the salsa music, Flamenco, Pop music, and the humour, like: Celia Cruz, Joe Arroyo, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, the orchestra of Mario Grillo (Machito), Manny Oquendo, Camilo Azuquita, The New York Band, Cheo Feliciano, Santiago Cerón, Luis Vargas (of the Dominican Republic, bachatero) Rafa Rosario, Mariano Cívico, Tito Nieves, NG La Banda, Gabino Pampini,The Gipsy Kings, Danza Invisible, Gabinete Galigari, Siniestro Total, Juan Bau, Francisco, María Dolores Pradera, Pepe Carroll, Academia Palanca, Athonis Remos in Greece, Ariel Rot, between another.

  • Sway
  • I need to now
  • Derroche
  • Cerezo Rosa
  • Corazón Espinado
  • Guantanamera
  • Para toda la vida
  • La Luna y tú
  • Colegiala
  • La pollera Colorá
  • La Gota Fría
  • Shake Rattel and Roll
  • Rock Around the clock
  • Tutti Fruti
  • Let’s Twist Again
  • La Bamba
  • Tequila
  • Macarena
  • Aserejé
  • Mueve la Colita
  • El Tiburón
  • No Rompas más mi pobre corazón
  • I will Survive
  • YMCA
  • Celebration
  • That’s the way
  • I know you want me
  • Grease Mix
  • Mercy
  • Rehab
  • She Wolf
  • Looking for Paradise
  • I like it like that
  • No One
  • Halo
  • Lamento Boliviano
  • Obsesión
  • Ajena
  • Pero me Acuerdo de ti
  • Ven tú
  • A puro Dolor
  • La Vida es un Carnaval
  • Juliana
  • Cachondea
  • La Murga de Panamá
  • Valió la Pena
  • Llorarás
  • Caballo Viejo
  • El Cuarto de Tula
  • Azúcar
  • El Talismán
  • La Dueña del Swing
  • Linda Eh
  • Suavemente
  • Visa pa un Sueño
  • La Tanguita Roja
  • Pégame tu Vicio
  • Si me dejas no ValePásame la Botella
  • Es Mentiroso
  • Extraños en la noche
  • Bésame mucho
  • Bella María
  • Ipanema Girl
  • I will Always Love You
  • Aqualung (Madrid)
  • The wedding of Enrique Ponce
  • The nephew of the King of Spain wedding
  • Finland (Helsinki different towns)
  • Portugal (casino of Estoril
  • Greece (Athenas Apollon Palace with famous artist Anthony Remos)
  • Monaco (Casino Montecarlo)
  • France
  • Russia
  • Isla Magica (Sevilla)
  • Mediatic Festival in their first and second edition
  • They have worked for the following personalities:
  • Luis Cobos
  • Bruno and Barbara
  • They have performed internationality in the following countries:
  • Morocco (Agadir Marrakech Casablanca)
  • SalsaLatina and many cultural places)
  • Cyprus
  • Rumania
  • Germany (with Orquidea Robinson)
  • Parque de Atracciones (Madrid)


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