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Sea Creature Bubbles

Highly versatile, our Sea Creature Bubbles can perform on land, water, or suspended in mid air
Fun mix and mingle entertainment for a range of under the sea themed events
Perfect for water entertainment, our octopus and seahorse characters’ bubbles float in pools, lakes, rivers and the sea
Our performers will interact with passers by through their personal bubble, or turn heads with a still and elegant pose
Based in London, UK, our sea characters for events are available internationally

Sea Creature Bubbles PHOTOS

Colourful and quirky, our totally unique Sea Creature Bubbles are designed to be highly versatile and cause a head-turning spectacle at any event or under the sea theme party. 

Playing the part of a seahorse and octopus duo, our water entertainment performers are contained in their own personal bubble for novel mix and mingle entertainment. Protected from the strange environment by their own personal bubble, they will entertain guests with their strange, interactive, sea creature dance moves, or simply grab attention from passers-by while they hold a still and elegant pose.

Stationed on land, water, or as an aerial act in mid-air, let your imagination run riot with these sea characters for events. 

Able to float on water, this under the sea theme duo is perfect for water entertainment in pools, rivers, lakes, fountains and the sea. Bobbing about on the surface of any water at your venue, our Sea Creature Bubbles create a mesmerising entertainment option. 

Just as fabulous positioned in the sand, grass, or roaming about your event, our under the sea theme creatures will move about your venue in their inventive bubbles interacting with guests. 

With extravagant sea creature costumes made from rubber in vibrant shades, kids and adults alike will love meeting our friendly performers. Happy to post for photos and videos with guests, they create a fantastic photo opportunity for guests looking to post about their entertainment experience on social media. 

Top Tip:

Diversely talented, our artists are also professional aerialists! Why not create stunning hanging entertainment by suspending our Sea Creature Bubbles from mid-air at your event? 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole host of sea characters for events in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and beyond. Discover our roster of sensational water entertainment acts perfect for any under the sea theme party.

To book our friendly Sea Creature Bubbles to entertain children and adults alike at your event from the water, land or air, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.


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