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Steam Powered Butler

Steam powered butler is a fantastic walkabout character to captivate crowds attention
A totally unique act providing incredible roaming entertainment with an interactive performance
Created by two visual comedy experts with over 25 years experience as roaming characters
Walkabout act with incredible costumes is engaging and fascinating for all audiences
Based in Amsterdam and available within driving distance

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If you are looking for roaming entertainment that will captivate and fascinate crowds and give them an experience they will not forget then look no further. Scarlett Entertainment proudly boasts an exciting roster of totally amazing walkabout characters and our Steam Powered Butler is unique act you won’t forget.

Looking remarkably like a creation from a Jules Verne novel, the Steam Powered Butler is a walkabout character dressed as a man-machine creation accompanied by an engineer who operates him. The roaming character travels from place to place at your event on wheeled device. This unique act involves all manner of gimmicks within its interactive performance making it fun roaming entertainment for all sorts of crowds. 

The engineer operates the butler with a remote control demonstrating his abilities, but obviously, little amusing mishaps take place and make the audiences laugh. There are little micro-plays where the engineer tends to the Steam Powered Butler like checking gauges and topping up the oil. The interactive performance will then move from one location to another grabbing the attention of a new crowd. The whole act is accompanied by weird and wonderful machinery noises that really adds to the experience.

The walkabout character has been created by a highly creative couple in the Netherlands who have over 25 years experience performing as roaming characters. This totally unique act is one of the first in the world to use a flexible silicone mask as used in the movies. The result is an astonishingly realistic looking man-machine creation that will have audiences watching in awe and more than likely filming the act.

This roaming entertainment would be really well suited to festivals, community celebrations, outdoor events, trade shows and steam punk events.

If you really want to impress the guests at your event don’t hesitate in speaking to one of our dedicated team of professionals at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to assist you in booking these roaming characters.


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