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Steam Punk Show Spain

Unique costumed performers, brilliant props, and whimsical storyline.
Unbelievably fun street theatre performance that will bring your event to life.
Exceptional roaming act that will captivate with ease.
Hire steampunk artists for your next event to create timeless memories.
Fantastic circus act available for events throughout Spain and worldwide.

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Book our exceptional and whimsical live street theatre performance that is bound to impress and leave lasting impressions at your special event or social gathering. Your guests will love our costumed performers who bring their unique and intricate steampunk experience to life, a dazzling and delightful circus act that features a moving and immersive story line that features our roaming act hunting down water while performing on a marvellous pipe structure using an assortment of different props and toys. Whether our performers are on stilts, guests will view our larger than life performance in amazing light.

Delivering an epic story line performance that can be performed on stage in a variety of different venues, or as a wonderful street theatre experience that will turn your street based occasion into a reality bending showcase! Utilising their piped structure that is created with a shower of tubes, ropes, and tons of different nuts that will trigger a number of different situations that will leave your guests wide eyed. Our fun steampunk costumed performers perform in perfectly crafted costumes, delivering a fantastic circus act and roaming act atmosphere that is truly enchanting.

A wonderful and thought provoking live experience that is able to be tailored to most event themes and style guidelines, will also leave your guests with unforgettable memories that will turn into endless conversational topic starters that will keep your special event in the limelight. A phenomenal futuristic event performance that is filled with an assortment of different characters and drastic emotions. The perfect street theatre live performance for private parties, street performances, corporate functions, themed occasions, gala dinners, drink receptions, and more.  

Scarlett Entertainment is dedicated to providing you with phenomenal street theatre performances that will captivate guests of all ages, if you are interested in booking our amazing costumed performers for your upcoming special occasion, contact any of our amazing team of experts who are standing by to help you with your booking experience.