Björn de Vil - Stilt Walking Christmas Giant

Stilt Walking Christmas Giant

Christmas themed stilt walker brings a touch of magic & Christmas cheer
Sparkling costume featuring Santa’s suit, tinsel, baubles and glitter!
Will enchant and inspire audiences of all ages
Previous clients include Mercedes, Siemens, Toyota, Allianz…
Based in Germany & available to perform at events world-wide

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It’s that time of year again- the nights are drawing in, the days are getting colder. We all know what this means…CHRISTMAS! What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a Christmas stilt act, or more accurately, a Father Christmas stilt act. Ready to delight kids and kids at heart, this is no ordinary Santa for hire. Rather than your typical short fat Santa who must simply sit around all day eating mince pies, this Santa stilt walker is the real deal. Tall and thin like Santa in real life, who works hard all year round and only ever really indulges on Christmas eve, our Stilt Walking Christmas Giant is ready to spread Christmas cheer at your event with his lofty frame, giant star wand and tinsel Christmas bonnet because why ever not? It’s Christmas!!

Performed by Bjørn, a professional comedy artist and magician, this Santa stilt walker has been dazzling audiences with this and other creative characters for over 16 years.

Super sizing all of his characterisations, stilt walkers are widely visible and thus ideally suited for outdoor and large events, not to mention a variety of themes. Bjørn loves variety: providing a wide range of characters including giant cuddly toys, oversized birds, funky flowers and unusual Christmas stilt acts, his walkabout acts always causes a stir whatever the occasion.

Stilt Walking Christmas Giant
This stilt walking act is the perfect Christmas themed entertainment for any festive event! His sparkling costume complete with tinsel, glitter and baubles unites the image of Father Christmas and a Christmas tree; creating an outfit that oozes Christmas spirit and festive cheer. Also able to bring along his special ladder so that children can whisper their Christmas wishes in his ear, our Santa for hire will prove that Christmas spirit is not yet dead.

Perfect for festive street fairs, parades, parties and more, no Christmas is complete without a Stilt Walking Christmas Giant! For more information about booking this act, get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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