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Tik Tok Dance Tutorials

Watch as your guests transform their dance skills in just 10 minutes with our online pre-recorded tutorial created by our YouTube sensation 
Our professional dancer will guide you through your favourite Tik Tok or Fortnite dances step by step, creating an experience for all abilities
The dancer will provide a couple of 15 second Tik Tok options for your virtual pre-recorded tutorial for your guests to choose from
With over 20 years of experience, having taught over a million people your guests will be in safe hands during your online event
He has over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and will create the perfect tutorial for your online corporate event or virtual team building day

Tik Tok Dance Tutorials VIDEOS

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1. What dances Tik Tok dances can be taught?

Any Tok Tock dance tutorial can be created for your guests, our dancer is happy to learn any dance of your choice. He can even learn and create a tutorial from a film!

2. Can the video be customised?

Yes, our professional dancer can incorporate a special message for your guests, wear colours to match the company colours and add in your company logo to the background.

3. How long will it take to create a pre-recorded video?

Depending on his schedule the dancer will require just 2 weeks to learn and create the pre-recorded tutorial.

4. Where will the pre-recorded tutorial be filmed?

Our dancer will film his tutorial in his professional dance studio using his HD camera

5. Can the dancer offer ideas and suggestions?

Yes, our professional dancer has learnt many tip Tok and Fortnite dances and can offer suggestions if required.

6. long will the pre-recorded tutorial be? 

The tutorial can last from approximately 10 - 20 minutes. This will provide enough time for your guests to learn 15 seconds of their favourite Toik Tok dance!

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" Video went down well with our customers. ... I just wanted to pop you an email to thank you again for the video and the tutorial you put together. Really looking forward to the next one . "




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