Ukulele Band France

Ukulele Band France

Inspired to record Stairway to Heaven on ukulele after a trip to Hawaii, this cover band’s frontman became an overnight sensation
Featuring four incredible ukulele players, this musical ensemble is held together by passion for their art and true friendship
Playing a mix of Hawaiian jazz, funk, reggae and pop covers, our string group’s live sets create a relaxed, happy atmosphere at events
Popular at festivals, corporate parties, street fairs and more, expect lots of energy from our superb live band
Book Ukelele Band France for events in Europe and internationally

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Our team at Scarlett Entertainment love finding acts that are all about creating an atmosphere. When a live band wants to get guests feeling good, the mood of any occasion is instantly lifted and the ice is broken. One of those special musical ensembles, Ukelele Band France is a string group performing only on ukuleles. Providing lively cover band sets, the musicians bring a carefree sense to corporate and private events. Adding a Hawaiian twang to every cover, this group is a totally unique entertainment option. 

With a passion for playing guitar and an idolisation for the likes of Hendrix and Mark Knopfler, the frontman of this string group thought his career path was set as a guitarist. However, after venturing to Hawaii on holiday, our musician fell in love with the sound of the ukulele. Returning to his home in France with a new passion, this artist purchased a ukulele and began playing around, performing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and putting up online. Instantly picked up by listeners, this musician became an overnight star and was invited to perform ukulele at a prestigious event in New York. Spurred on by his new passion, our performer searched for other musicians with a passion for the ukulele, and that is where this string group was born. 

Joined by their love for their instruments and a real friendship, the ukulele players in this live band bring lots of carefree energy to every show. Performing a combination of Hawaiian, jazz, reggae and pop music, the musical ensemble’s vast repertoire can be catered to suit your specific event requirements. Able to play full Hawaiian sets for beach parties and tiki themed events or even learn songs on request, this cover band is extremely versatile.

Performing regularly at festivals, private parties, wedding receptions and corporate functions, expect feel good sounds and plenty of fun from Ukelele Band France.

Get in touch with our office at Scarlett Entertainment today to find out more.



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