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Virtual Bilingual Magician

Award-winning magician will create an interactive virtual show that will have guests engaged and joining in straight away
Virtual magician specialises in sleight of hand magic and can deliver his online show in Deutch or English
He can deliver a live-streamed show and personalise aspects of the performance to suit different themes and provide a custom message
Previous clients include Netflix, Google, KLM and Coca Cola among others
The ideal entertainment option for online corporate events and virtual private zoom parties

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1. How long is the virtual show?

The show will be 30 minutes long but our magician is happy to work to your requirements if you would like a longer or shorter show.

2. Can the show be customised to my company?

Yes! For example, our online magician can tailor his tricks to fit a theme, he can deliver a personalised message, customise the colour to your brand and incorporate a company logo. 

3. Does the virtual magician offer pre-recorded as well as a live-streamed show?

Yes, if you would prefer a pre-recorded video our magician is happy to create one. He will require around 3 days to create the pre-recorded video and if you require customisation this will take around a week to create.

If you would like to book pre-recorded video the interactive elements will be more limited.

4. Will the show be interactive?

Yes, our magician prides himself on his interaction and engagement. Every other trick will include an interactive element.

5. What platform will the show work best on?

Our magician prefers to use zoom for his virtual live-streamed shows but is open to discussing other platforms.

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