Virtual Chinese Calligraphy

Virtual Chinese Calligraphy

Join our traditional Chinese calligrapher in this interactive online workshop and learn how to produce authentic Chinese calligraphy
Revered in East Asia, Chinese calligraphy is the ancient art of writing Chinese characters, with beauty and precision, to convey meaning
Following a fascinating introduction and simple demonstration, participants will put paintbrush to paper and create their own delicate calligraphy
Talented calligrapher interacts and guides guests in real-time and typically hosts classes on Zoom, but other virtual platforms are possible too
Book our virtual calligrapher to celebrate traditional Chinese culture with remote teams or engage guests at a virtual Chinese New Year event

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Virtual FAQs

1. What can I expect from this Virtual Chinese Calligraphy workshop?
A taste of traditional Chinese culture! In this online workshop, our virtual calligrapher will welcome online guests to the session with a brief history of Chinese calligraphy, before performing a short demonstration. Participants will learn how to write lucky Chinese sayings or their own names. Specific words and phrases are available upon request.

2. Is online Chinese calligraphy class live or pre-recorded?
This is a live experience, streamed in real-time on Zoom, allowing online guests to interact with our talented calligrapher and ask questions. Pre-recorded content may also be possible, please call to discuss.

3. What do I need to take part?
Online guests will need a Pentel Arts Portable Pocket Brush Pen with refills and calligraphy rice paper. This can be prepared and posted to participants ahead of the virtual event subject to an additional fee. Full details available upon request.

4. How long is the Virtual Chinese Calligraphy class?

30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on the number of participants and your virtual event schedule.

5. How many participants can take part?

This depends on the video conferencing tool chosen to host the event. On Zoom, we would recommend a maximum of 50 guests for optimum interaction and engagement.

6. Is this online workshop available in English? 
Yes! Our artist can speak English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and French.

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