Brett Bower - Virtual Cartoonist

Virtual Event Caricaturist

This live-streamed service allows you to have fully customised on-the-spot caricatures with no artist present
His fun shareable and keepsake caricatures are drawn remotely, streamed in real-time and available digitally
Can be applied to virtual events, environmentally focused clients, budget restrictions and technologically focused events
Offers individual or group caricatures, virtual conference scribes or premade gifts such as branded caricature puzzles and more
Our award-winning artist has worked with some huge clients and brands including Coca Cola, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft

Virtual Event Caricaturist VIDEOS

Virtual Event Caricaturist PHOTOS

This talented caricaturist can draw live at your venue without actually being there. Visitors can see him draw live on-screen and guests can collect their drawings straight from the printer at the venue. Perfect for those working to a tight budget as there are no travel costs involved, what's more, our artist can produce more caricatures as he gets to spend more time drawing and not getting to the venue.

Our artist also offers an online conference scribe option. This technique creates presentations in real-time and offers much more audience engagement. Using a variety of techniques he can illustrate and reinforce information and messages. Unrelated ideas and new connections can be literally drawn together. All parts can be digitally supplied for future presentations.